Terence D. Howes knew that thousands of people had invested in Canadian mining companies during the 1920’s and 1930’s and the value of their shares were virtually wiped out during the stock market crash. In 1981, he discovered how decades after the markets recovered, a number of these companies had significantly increased in value.

Through diligent investigation Mr. Howes uncovered the original shareholders addresses and successfully located their beneficiaries. In most cases, the original shareholder had died or forgotten they had ever owned these mining shares. Several million dollars were subsequently distributed to long-forgotten shareholders or their rightful heirs. This was the inspiration for his company Locator of Missing Heirs Inc.

In 1983, T.D. Howes & Co. Ltd. was established by Terence’s son Tim Howes. Using the same groundbreaking research techniques developed by his father we first learn about missing heirs by discovering missing shareholders. In other words, we locate the closest blood relation to a decedent who has died without a Will and had no known heirs.

Our company specializes in international probate genealogy. Executors, lawyers, and trust officers assist us in locating missing beneficiaries.

Our History