Having served the needs of heirs and the legal community since 1983, we have received many letters of “thanks” over the years. Here are just a few recent comments:

Thank you so much for directing these Estate funds to The Salvation Army Freedom Ministries.” Missing beneficiary, Kingston, ON [We recently provided the documentation to prove that the Salvation Army was entitled to receive additional funds from an estate which had been settled a few years earlier.]

“I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank you for the quick turnaround time on our request to you on locating our missing heirs.” Lawyer, Ottawa, ON [A lawyer from Ottawa, ON, asked us to locate three beneficiaries who had been named in a Will. Although the beneficiaries had a common name and were thought to be residing “somewhere in the United States,” we managed to locate them.]

“I thank you for your services in locating and providing the address of (the missing heir). Thank you for your assistance to date and your anticipated assistance in the future.” Lawyer, Edmonton, AB [A lawyer from Edmonton, AB asked us to locate the child of a former client who had died in 1991. Absolutely nothing was known about her, not even her name. Within a few months we had found her.]

“Tim, you don’t know how much the means to me. Thank you so much” Beneficiary, Perth, ON [A lawyer from Perth, ON asked us to locate a beneficiary named in a Will. Although the most recent address provided to us was from 1993 and the woman had changed her last name, she was found.]

“At last! You too will be relieved as you put such a lot of time and effort into it. We now await with baited breath the next installment.” Beneficiary, Scotland [We had been assisting heirs in Scotland, Australia and the United States to claim their portion of an estate for over two years. In August 2009, we were able to inform them that our documentation had been approved by the estate administrator.]

Client Testimonials