T. D. Howes & Co. Ltd. conducts genealogical searches. These searches are undertaken based on a pay structure defined by those who engage our services.

In many cases, an heir is named in a Will but their whereabouts is unknown and they have not been heard from for many years. Often, other heirs to the estate don’t want the estate to expend funds in what might be a fruitless search for this person. Under these conditions we may agree to locate the missing beneficiary with the understanding that the he/she will pay our fee from the inheritance they are entitled to receive. If we determine that this beneficiary is actually deceased, we will provide a death certificate, free of charge, so the estate can be distributed as directed in the will.

We can also work for a at fee that is agreed upon between T. D. Howes & Co. Ltd., and the lawyer or executor. After our receipt and review of all known information about the missing beneficiary we will propose a fee. Once accepted, we will begin our research.

We only request payment upon successfully locating the missing beneficiary or providing proof of their death. If we are not successful we will not charge a fee. In such cases we will provide, at no cost, a sworn declaration stating that we had attempted to find the individual and despite our best efforts could not locate them.

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